Stone Museum „Jotvingių kiemas“

In the secluded village of Kybartai, on the Lithuanian-Polish border, an open-air museum „Jotvingių kiemas“ founded by officer Donatas Mazurkevičius exhibits an exposition which significantly consists of natural heritage. In particular, stones brought from the surrounding fields and more distant locations; often – very remarkable in variations of its shapes. The stories of Lazdijai nature and people are beautifully and creatively intertwined. Along with unique works of nature, symbols of region’s history have found their place here: wartime projectile nozzles, ethnographic household items, border poles that have been removed from the state border, reflecting historical peripetia and a painful past. The biggest part of „Jotvingių kiemas“ exposition consists of old household appliances and implements that were used by the people of this region.

Visitis to the museum have to be arranged in advance by phone.