Memorial stones for the Bokšicki family

Memorial stones are commemorative plaques installed on sidewalks or street pavements to commemorate the victims of National Socialism. These stones are placed near former homes, educational institutions or workplaces, reminding us that specific people who built local communities suffered or died during the Holocaust.
Currently, almost 70,000 such memorial markers are installed, and together they form the world’s largest open-air memorial museum.
The first commemorative stone for the Bokšicki family was placed near the house, called “the house with lions” by the people of Alytis, in 2018. to the former owner of the house, Mendelis Bokšicki, a well-known public figure of Alytus during the interwar period.
in 2019 memorial stones to help three more members of his family – his wife Šeina Bokšickieni, who was killed in 1943 in Paneri, and son Saadija Bahat (Bokšickas) and daughter Lilija Winterfeld (Bokšickaitei), who managed to survive the Holocaust.
Saadia Bahat, who came from Israel, with his wife Judit, children and grandchildren took part in the ceremony of laying memorial stones, which was initiated by the Bokšicki family.