Memorial bench for Jacques Lipchitz

Jacques Lipchitz (1891-1973) is a sculptor of Lithuanian Jewish origin, a prominent representative of cubism, who lived and worked in France, the USA, Israel and Italy.

Jacques Lipchitz was born in Druskininkai in 1891.

He studied at the local Jewish school, later at Białystok Commercial School and Vilnius Gymnasium. 1906-1909 studied engineering. He focused on art studies at the Vilnius Drawing School. In 1909 went to study art in Paris.

In 1911-1912, in Jacques Lipchitz had not yet come close to Cubism, but already in 1913-1914 there were noticeable creative innovations, efforts to understand and absorb the manifestations of Cubist stylistics. In 1915, Lipchitz entered the ranks of the true cubists, along with art luminaries such as Picasso, Braques, Gris, Leger and Laurens.

The years 1915-1930 were the most prominent, corresponding to the principles of cubism expression Jacques Lipchitz creative period, and since 1930, a creative and stylistic break can be seen in his works. The sculptor no longer divides his sculptures into strict, geometrized planes, they become sleeker, rounder, more plastic, the silhouette line begins to meander, as if pulsating.

Jacques Lipchitz died in 1973 in Capri, Italy. After his death, his remains were moved and buried in Jerusalem.

The bench for Jacques Lipchitz was built in Druskininkai, next to the Jewish Museum named after him.