Druskelė Spring

The Druskelė spring can also be easily found in Miroslavas district neighbourhood, the Balkasodis village, on the left bank of the Nemunas River. The spring water is colourless, crystal and salty, similar to Birštonas mineral springs, its temperature is about seven and a half degrees Celsius. The width of the spring is 0.5 m, the depth – 0,2 m, about 1 litre of water spurt out every second. Old local people call this spring the spring of Balandėlė (in English, Littledove). A story is told that a beautiful girl Balandė lived in this country long time ago. Once the enemy descended on the local people and all her kin was killed. She cried in scalding tears long and tearfully. Gods seeing her sorrow turned her to a Balandėlė so that she could die her sorrow down while fluttering. A salty spring spurted out where she cried and people named it after Balandėlė.