Coast of Druskonis Lake

The coast of Druskonis Lake is one of the most beautiful areas for relaxation in Druskininkai. The area of Druskonis Lake is 7.5 ha. According to legend, the family of Druskis Jonas lived here a long time ago, and the lake was named after them. In former times, this small lake would greet the first guests of the resort after their tiring journey. For them, it meant they had finally reached their destination. The road that goes along the southern coast of the lake is the main historic road from Gardinas. Centennial pines grow there, which were already pictured in 19th century postcards, and are now illuminated at night. On the northern shore of the lake, the Druskininkai Town Museum building features an impressive terrace, while on the opposite shore you can visit the town’s Old Cemetery. In the summer, visitors can enjoy the lovely flower gardens and a refreshingly cool fountain. During the warm months, you can also rent a boat or a water bike to row or paddle around the lake. The coast is a great destination for cyclers, runners and hikers.