„Dzūkų Magyras“

“Dzūkų Magyras is a bakery baking products that reflect Lithuania’s culinary heritage. From traditional rye, black and multigrain unleavened natural sourdough bread, šakočiai, riestainiai, mushrooms or ants, to healthy biscuits and Western delicacies such as cannelloni, pasta or delicious Brioche bread. Our products will appeal to young and old too.

Opening a bakery in his native Dzūkija – this is the dream that has followed Chef Valius Čepanonis throughout his culinary career. Valius lived with this dream for ten years, while he was the head of one of the capital’s best restaurant kitchens and the president of the Lithuanian Chefs and Pastry Chefs Association (LVVKA).

“When I went to Vilnius to study, from my native Dzūkija village of Laibagaliai, a beautiful, peaceful corner of nature near Galstas Lake, I was already looking forward to returning, gaining life experience, knowledge and establishing a business. The greatest joy and the best reward is knowing that I can fulfil people’s wishes and needs through my work, and that I can communicate warmly and sincerely with them. This is what I try to convey to my employees, who work with me every day to make the delicacies of Dzūkų Magyras.”

“Dzūkų Magyras products are available for individual ordering or at various fairs.

Since 22 May 2019, Dzūkų Magyras šakočiai (tree cakes) have been certified as a National Heritage Product: