Franciscan summerhouse

This house, which residents call the monastery, was built in 1931-1933 at the initiative of Father Feliksas Baltuška as a holiday home for Franciscan friars. On the ground floor, there was a kitchen, dining area and several small rooms, and on the floor above, there was a small chapel and several monastic cells. Because the holiday house was located quite far from the Fransiscan centre in Kretinga and it was not so easy to reach it for short-term stays, in 1937 the Fransiscans gave up their right to use the building and gave it to the Nemunaitis parish church for use by a priest-in-residence.
On 3 June 1945, 120 Lithuanian resistance fighters led by Adolfas Ramanauskas (code name Vanagas) took their oaths in this building. At the beginning of the 1950s, the building was nationalised and given to the Nemunaitis school for its use, The chapel was removed, the monastic cells were rearranged and the building became the school‘s dormitory.
The building is listed on the Register of Immovable Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Lithuania.