Youth Park

The Youth Park was founded in 1982 and occupies 36.6 ha. Part of the park’s territory – about 14 ha – is occupied by naturally growing groups of pine trees, the other territory is planted with trees, forming open and semi-open spaces, respectfully highlighting the local nature, without changing the terrain. The chief architect of the park project V. Jodelė and architects A. Gercienė (greening), and S. Vaičaitytė. A couple of years later, a group of sculptors created the first composition of eight metal plastic sculptures in Lithuania, giving the park a unique face with its bright colours. After a good decade passed, this ensemble of sculptures was supplemented by two more sculptures donated by foreign authors. Today, Youth Park is decorated with well-kept flower gardens, it is suitable for events and quiet relaxation: there are playgrounds for children’s games, chess, sports, skateboarding, parkour, marked bicycle paths, a bicycle roller coaster track, and a love labyrinth.

Parko g., Alytus
GPS: 54.404933, 24.027689 (WGS)