Tomb and monument of Juozas Neimontas (1875–1963)

Juozas Neimontas (July 20, 1875, Plutiškės village, Ūdrija parish, Marijampolė county – August 5, 1963, Luokė, Telšiai district) organist, choirmaster, pedagogue and composer. Juozas Neimontas was one of the first choir conductors of Lithuanian musicians, who organized choirs and Lithuanian evenings-concerts during those extremely difficult years for Lithuania. He collected and harmonized Lithuanian folk songs, distributed the forbidden Lithuanian press, and raised the musical culture of the people of his country. His developed folk song “I planted a green ruth” quickly became popular throughout Lithuania. 1991 near St. A monument to the composer J. Neimont was erected in St. George’s Church, and a monumental composition was installed where his house stood.