Movie theatre “Dainava”

Dainava cinema was opened in 1960. In the centre of Alytus city. It was the third movie theatre in Alytus, and the only one that has survived in the city, and since the beginning of its existence, without stopping its main activity, it has been providing cinema services to residents – as one of the most popular areas of culture.
in 1998 A modern analogue Dolby surrounds sound reproduction system was installed in the “Dainavas” cinema. in 2012 the cinema is equipped with digital audio and film projection equipment. Thanks to digital cinema technology, all the latest films in this format are shown on the days of national, republican and world premieres. Thanks to the Kinoton projector DCP 30 SX and the Dolby 3D system, viewers can see movies in three-dimensional space.
There are 170 seats in the cinema hall.