The priest’s stone in Nemun near Alytus

Near the beautiful Alytus mound, in Nemunas, there is Klebon’s stone. A walking path leads to it, along which you can admire the panorama of the highest pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Lithuania (height 38.1 m), and take a breather in the recreational area of the Muiželėnai Forest. There are gazebos, fireplaces, and benches. Sandboxes, swings, booms, and ladders are equipped for children.
Legend has it that a long time ago, after the plague that raged in Alytus, a great famine began. The pastor, unable to watch people die of hunger, collected money from the remaining survivors and sailed to Nemunu to buy grain. The journey took time. The priest did not return for a long time. The inhabitants continued to starve to death one by one, cursing the pastor that he must have cheated them: he took the money and sailed away. When the pastor’s ship with grain approached Alytus, a great whirlwind arose and lightning of curses hit him. Thus the ship turned to stone. Later, people called this stone the Pastor’s stone.
The stone is included in the Register of Immovable cultural values.