Krosna St. Church of the Apostle Matthew the Evangelist

d 1655, there was an oak chapel in Krosna. In 1760, a parish was established, made up of the villages that belonged to Simniškė, and a wooden church was built (demolished in 1838). The present church was built in 1840-1842 at the expense of the parishioners and the government. The sanctuary was fenced in 1871 and an organ was built in 1907-1910. In 1912-1913 the church was enlarged according to the project of K Vasiliauskas, an engineer of Kalvarija district. In 1915 Russian soldiers took the bells. In 1920-1921 the church was repaired and repainted. In 1921 M Kasiulis painted an image of the Virgin Mary of the Immaculate Conception on the ceiling of the presbytery. In 1932 the building was repaired. J Dragašius had a project to raise the towers, but it was not implemented. In 1935, according to the project of Adolfas Lukošaitis, an engineer of the Marijampolė district, the slope surrounding the churchyard was landscaped, stairs were built, the churchyard fence was erected, and the churchyard gate was built in 1937. In 1938, a new bell was added to the tower. Two bells were bought that year. In 1959 the church was repaired again.