Kumečiai Dam (Kumečiai Waterfall)

​Kumečiai pond is located on the southern edge of the settlement with the same name. It was installed in 1968, after damming the Metelytė stream. Many people call this dam a waterfall because of its unique view. It is hard to resist the beauty of the water cascading down the dam site. There are safe metal stairs with railings, which can be used not only to reach the stream but also to go to the other side of it, to take pictures in the background of the waterfall. The beauty of the waterfall depends on the water level, at a low water level the view may not live up to expectations. Near the dam, there is a rest area with an information stand about the Metelii manor, which has been in use since the 16th century. was located in Kumečiai. It became famous in the 20th century. Ave. when a modern five-story brick mill was built here. Today there is little left of him.
The manor was nationalized in 1940-1941, after the Soviet occupation of Lithuania. During the Second World War, the Germans established a military field headquarters in the manor house. in 1944 while retreating, they burned all the buildings of the manor and the palace, which had 43 rooms.

Ežero str., Kumečiai village, Miroslavos sen., Alytus district.
GPS: 54.348247, 23.747206 (WGS)