Place of Lithuanian partisan fighting and death (Noragėliai village)

Partisan Antanas Marčinskas Rambynas was killed in this place.

When in 1950. September 10 his relative, Janė Vestfelda , visited Agent Myškas, who learned from her that the Russians had killed four partisans in the village of Barčiai. After working in the fields, Vestfeldaitė and her sister met two fighters when they returned home in the evening. They asked to drink. It was Berželis and the wounded Rambynas. They walked very quietly – Birch was leading Rambyn by the handrail and carried his rifle. After drinking water, they turned to the Bestraigiškės forest, to the bunker, where they will treat the injured Rambynas – reported Myška to safety. The MGB notes: “It is clear from the documents found among the victims that Rambynas has been appointed the commander of Juoza Pavicius’ homeland.

Excerpt from Bronius Kašelionis’ book “DAINAVA PARTISANS Šarūnas team documents and memories”