Partisan headquarters’ bunker of “Dainava”

The model of the bunker of the headquarters of the “Dainava” district headquarters of the Lithuanian partisans was restored by a former partisan who survived the bunker bombing, Juozas Petraška-Patrimpas. On 1992 June 1 rebuilt by soldiers of the Kaunas engineering battalion of Juozos Vitkaus. Its original size is 20 sq. m. (restored slightly smaller than the original). It was possible to move upright. A stove was installed inside. The chimney was represented by a carved pine, which on the outside looked like it had been broken by the wind. The bunker was built on the slope of a hill, next to which flowed a stream spring. About 250-300 years before the Nemunas. The men used to reach the bunker through that stream, which did not freeze even in winter. A special crawl was made at the creek. Partisans would come in all wet, even in winter. But there was no other choice but to survive.