Mini golf

Homestead “Mikališkė” offers a new activity for its guests – 18-hole mini golf!

Mini golf is a great game for the whole family to play in nature. This game has no age or weather limit. The rules are simple, so anyone who wants to test or improve their skills and have fun in nature with their family or friends can choose mini golf. 18 different configurations are laid out right on the lawn. You get the clubs and balls and you’re ready to play. Players can play for themselves or in teams, making it a game of competition and excitement. No physical training is required for this game, and skills are developed as you play. The key is concentration, good strategy and a good mood.

Since Mini Golf is mobile, it can be delivered to your private territory or country house. It can be rented for various events and celebrations. The minimum number of configurations to be rented is 6. The price of one track is 20€ + delivery.

For the guests of the homestead, 18 lanes Mini Golf – 180 €/night; 9 lanes – 100 €/night. Reservations are required to play in the property of homestead.