Monument for those who died for Lithuania‘s Independence

The prominent sculptor Vincas Grybas was invited to Nemunaitis in 1939 at the initiative of a teacher, Antanas Saulevičius. A monument to honour the Soldier of Independence was supposed to adorn the town just a few years later, but the first Soviet occupation halted these plans. Later, the war began. For several years, the sculpture was hidden in a barn, then in postwar years, it was buried and only by coincidence was found in 1986. In 1989, a new sculpture was cast and unveiled on 16 February 1990. 
The sculpture of the Soldier of Independence in Nemunaitis was the last work by Vincas Grybas. The sculptor was executed by the Germans on 3 July 1941.
The monument is listed on the Register of the Immovable Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Lithuania.