Partisan liaison Elzė Aravičiūtė -Gegutė’s place of death

Elzė Aravičiūtė-Gegutė, who was born in 1925. In the family of Elžbieta and Karolis Aravičiai, who lived in Janėnai village. (In Šventežeris parish). Elzė Aravičiūtė grew up in a large family of nine children, whose lives were based on Catholic, national and patriotic values. It is therefore no coincidence that as early as 1945 she became the liaison officer of the Lithuanian partisans, and later the partisan, who was given the nickname Gegutė. 1948 April 2 Elzė Aravičiūtė-Gegutė was detained by Soviet occupiers and Lithuanian collaborators. After two days of brutal torture and ridicule in the Šventežeris stribe, fearing that the third day of torture might not last, she admitted that she was a Lithuanian partisan and indicated that she could show the bunker of the squad leader Antanas Muliuolis-Gruodis from Buteliūnai village, located by the Senkutis lake. 1948 April 4 in the evening, accompanied by Soviet soldiers and stribes, she distracted her enemies, jumped from a cliff to Lake Senkutis, which was still covered in ice and chose death without breaking the oath of Lithuanian partisans and betraying her comrades.

The place of the monument to the Lithuanian partisan Elze Aravičiūtė-Gegutei was chosen by the working group of the Lazdijai district municipality to perpetuate the freedom struggle, the authors of the composition of the monument are Nijolė Ona Lepeškienė and Gintaras Aravičius, the nephew of the fallen partisan, the stone was donated by the deputy mayor of the Lazdijai district municipality Audrius Klejus, the cross and the plaque of the monument were made by Juozas Varnelis from Veiseijai.