The exposition of wooden sculptures of Poet Anzelmas Matutis

Poet Anzelmas Matutis published more than 30 books: poems, poems, and verse tales for children, he prepared literature and history reading books for preschool and school-age children. Anzelmas Matučius in 1984 H.K. Andersen’s diploma was awarded for the selection “Colored Woodpecker Forge” (by entering A. Matutis in the book of honour of prize-winning writers).

On 1991 October 19 The A. Matutis Memorial Museum (a branch of the Alytus Local History Museum) was opened in Alytus with a memorial plaque in the house where the poet Anzelmas Matutis – Matulevičius lived. The street in Alytus, where the poet lived, is also named after him.

Wooden sculptures are scattered in the growing pine forest next to the Anzelmos Matutis Memorial Museum (Anzelmos Matutis str. 8, Alytus). They have been given since 2012. the participants of the international symposium of wood carvers takes place every other year. Symposiums aimed at popularizing the work of children’s poet Anzelmas Matutis and are called by the name of a collection of poems by the poet, were organized in the city of Alytus at the initiative of sculptor Kęstutis Benediks. In 2012 the symposium was named after the collection of poems by Anzelmas Matutis “Rainbow Lake, 2014”. – “Colored woodpecker forge”, 2016 – “What’s in a man’s heart”, 2018 – “Sons of Fir”. Four years later in 2022 a sculpture symposium called “My Fantasyland” was held.