Silgion stone with “foot”

About 30 cm from the top of the stone is a natural “foot” consisting of two connecting depressions, 24 cm long, 5-7.5 cm wide, and up to 3 cm deep. In 1985, the stone was pulled from its original location during land reclamation, recently built steep.
Stones with “feet” are always surrounded by many different legends and legends, which are associated with the appearance of various holy or mythological creatures. The foot is often identified with the transition to another place, and the stone with the foot is a kind of gateway to the meeting of two worlds. The Silgioniai stone is interesting because some stories claim that God left his foot here, while others claim that it is the work of the devil.
The Silgioniai stone with a “foot” is included in the Register of Immovable Cultural Properties.