St. Ludvick’s Church

The first time Alytus as the township was mentioned in Jonas Zabžezinskis writing in 1524 where he says that he gives the capital for the Alytus church establishment. The church was built in the same year. The first wooden church was called St. Jonas Baptist church, The Virgin Maria Assumption church and St. Nicola’s church. After the church burnt, in 1818 a new stone church in classical style was built next to the old church. In honour of the priest Liudvikas Kaminskas, the initiator of the construction, the church was sacred to the memory of St. Louis. Today this is the oldest church of Alytus that still has a ringing XVII century found bell. A canvas of St. Ludvick’s painted in the XIX century also remains to this day.

Panemuninkėlių g. 7, Alytus, tel. +370 682 68 176
GPS: 54.404577, 24.057877 (WGS)