Visiting witches and shamans. Will you dare to enter?

Near the city of Daugai, in a secluded Dusevičius homestead, a terrifying space of medieval punishments, tortures and witch trials awaits, as well as a forest of hell under the common name – “Swamp”. The program guide shows and introduces the exhibits that make you feel uncomfortable. In the forest, skulls, protruding hands, ghost hoods without faces, undead legs and other creepy elements shine from under the ground. The space of hell can be entered through a coffin, a guillotine, and after passing through a swamp, which is crossed by a hanging bridge. Authentic stories are passed down from generation to generation. The program is designed for individual travelers or groups who like adventure, excitement and nature.
In the program:
• Visiting the mythological stone of Merga
• The story of the petrified Virgin who did not want to marry the unloved and other Maiden stones in the vicinity of Daugai
• Visiting the Museum of Witch Trials and Medieval Punishments
• A story about the trials of witches and sorcerers held in ancient Lithuania, showing the methods and tools used to carry out the punishments
• Journey to the Swamp, the abode of the great sins