Kid’s playground

The new, modern, largest children’s playground in the area is located in the Lazdijai City Park.

Children have the opportunity to play in different play complexes with climbing frames and slides, enjoy simple, balance and spring swings, jump on grounded trampolines, exercise their bare feet on the Kneipp path, ride rollerblades or skateboards on a deepened ramp or balance and simple bicycles on a wooden roller coaster.
Parents can comfortably watch their children under the shade-creating tulip-shaped umbrellas, there are several comfortable benches, those who come by bicycle can conveniently place them in the bicycle racks, and if they are thirsty, they can refresh themselves at the water station. In autumn, it will be possible to play on the playground when it gets dark early – it is illuminated by modern LED lights.

In order to ensure both children’s safety and play equipment from vandalism, 24 hours a day. The playground is monitored by video cameras around the clock.