Visitor Center of the Veisiei Regional Park

The area of the Veisiei regional park is 12,259.12 ha. The largest lakes are Ančia, Snaigynas, Šlavantas, Verniejus. Most lakes have complex shorelines, rugged bottoms, meandering like rivers. A unique corner of nature is located between Šlavantelis and Liūnelis lakes. There is no such diversity of rare species and communities in a small area anywhere in Lithuania. Natural streams are important habitats and migration sites for otters. At Lake Ančias there is an 18th century. planted park. In the Ringėliske botanical and zoological reserve, there are mature forests, nesting wasps, and screeching eagles. The regional park has valuable populations of wood turtles and sea turtles. Three mounds: Mēčiūnai mound covered with forest, most easily accessible by Lake Ančias; The hill of Šlavantas, with the sedge growing on its slopes and the growth of very rare plants – medicinal durum grains, and the hill of Vainežeris – ancient defensive fortifications, called “Okopka” by the local people. The interlake between Šlavantas and Šlavantelis with Lake Šlavantelis, the northwestern and southern coasts of Verniejas, the northern part of Ančias and the shores of Lake Snaigyns are intended for recreation. On a hot summer day, it’s fun to swim in the lakes of the regional park, which have gentle sandy bottoms. The regional park, located in the wooded and lake-like outskirts of southwestern Lithuania, is a place of recreation for many residents of the surrounding and more distant cities. For lovers of land travel, it is recommended to take a walk along the educational trails with a total length of 5.3 km. For lovers of water travel, it is a real pleasure to travel by kayak and boat on the Veisiei lakes, which are connected by canals. A 30 km long boat route through nine lakes and the streams connecting them begins in Lake Snaighyna, which provides not only relaxation, but also many unexpected encounters with valuable natural objects.

The inherited architectural building in Veisiejai and in the entire territory of the Veisiejai Regional Park is a fragment of the manor house, the surviving right wing, built in 1743-1745 by the efforts of the then owner of Veisiejai, the great hetman of Lithuania Mykolas Masalskis. Mykolas Masalskis planted a park between the manor palace and the lake, the plants were planted according to a bright geometric composition. Later, during Veisiejs rule of the Oginskis, the park was transformed into a landscape. There is a pond in the park, which is connected to Ančias lake. The bridge over the canal is called the Bridge of Love. The belief that one should not cross a bridge without coming up with a desire for love has come from earlier times. And that wish will definitely come true. If you travel in a different way, you will definitely find a bridge on your way that you will be filled with love after crossing.

The Veisiei regional park visitor center is located in the wing of the former Veisiei manor in Veisiei. In the center, you can visit and familiarize yourself with the interactive exposition “Life among the waters”.

The visitor center is closed on public holidays. Before a public holiday, working hours are reduced by one hour.