Ash tree in Veisiejai

Ash grows in the southern part of Veisiejai city park, on the shore of Lake Ančia. It is the second thickest ash in Lithuania. The Veisiejai ash is 30m in height and 5.1m in girth. Veisiejai Park, where a huge ash grows, was planted in the second half of 18th century. The park was founded by Masalskiai, who ruled Veisiejai at the time and built the manor house. In 1987 Veisiejai ash has been declared a state-protected dendrological monument of local significance. In the spring, when other trees are damaged, this ash still stands with bare branches. As the saga says, all trees have eyes and see, and ashes are blind. Therefore, a tree that has been living for about 150 years, without seeing the waking nature, is the last to explode the buds.