The place and graves of the massacre of Jews (Katkiškės village)

There is a memorial stone in this cemetery with a plaque inscribed with the following inscription: ”IN THIS PLACE / 1941.XI.03. / HITLER’S HENCHMEN / KILLED 1535 / LAZDIJAI DISTRICT / RESIDENTS / JEWS / MEN / HUSBANDS, WOMEN, CHILDREN” (the monument has been renewed in 2015, the stone has been painted, and the plaque has been changed). The cemetery is surrounded by concrete fence foundations, two brick columns at the entrance, single spruce trees and thuja trees grow on the edges of the territory, there are several stones without inscriptions.

On 3 November in 1941, 1 535 Jews from Lazdijai County were murdered and buried – 485 men, 511 women and 539 children.

Information and photos from the website of the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture ; the Register of Real Cultural Property, unique code 11008