Reproductions of Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis Paintings: 1. Friendship, 1906–1907 2. Sonata V (Sonata of the Sea. Allegro), 1908

 Čiurlionis’ painting Friendship was painted and given to Bronislava Volmanienė as a sign of friendship. The main focus of this allegorical painting is a ball of light. The creature holding it resembles an Egyptian sculpture, especially the widely-known image of Nefertiti.

In the Sonata of the Sea Allegro, the painting is dominated by movement: splashes of sea spray, flying seagulls, swimming fish, blowing wind, swinging trees, waves in the sea, and the unveiling of rocks and amber. The sea waves, like the dunes on the shore, are all climbing upward, as if reaching for the sun which makes the waves glow and creates life in the dunes.